Aviation Safety Promotion Checklist

What Is This Safety Promotion Checklist

Safety promotion is an undervalued and vastly underused strategy for building a performing safety program with good safety culture. 

Furthermore,  many safety managers believe they lack time/manpower, budget, resources, and/or know-how needed for promotionThis checklist addresses these concerns on a monthly basis: 

  • 10 checklist items;
  • Organized by type of promotional activity;
  • Repeatable activities on monthly basis; and
  • Includes most important activities for promotion.

Why This Safety Promotion Checklist Useful?

This checklist is useful because it:

  • Tracks promotional activities every month;
  • Ensures needed activities are happening;
  • Provide know-how for low budget, easy, and quick promotion; and
  • Documents your promotion activities - auditors love this!

Download this checklist to better understand your aviation safety culture! It's free!

Download Monthly Safety Culture Checklist

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