SMS Pro Aviation safety Scholarship

Welcome to the SMS Pro Aviation Safety Scholarship form submission page.

In order to proceed you will need:

  1. Fill out all fields in the form to the right
  2. Have chosen 3 essay topics and written a 500+ word essay on each topic
  3. Attach your essays in a single .doc OR .docx file 
  4. Format your essays as "Lastname_Firstname_Scholarship.docx" for example, Doe_John_Scholarship.docx

All submitted entries are final, so make sure your essays have been proofread and demonstrate your personal experience and understanding of aviation safety.

After you have submitted a successful application, you will see a thank you message appear in place of the application.

The scholarship winner for each period will be announced within 3 weeks of that period's deadline.

Thank you and good luck!

Scholarships selected and distributed twice per year (July and December)

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