Test Your Hazard and Risk Assessment Skills - Aviation SMS Programs

Aviation Hazard and Risk Assessment Skill Builder

Competency test with answers and explanations, including a web-based quiz and hard copy

What this assessment offers:

  1. 2 different types of tests - one which you can take ONLINE and one which you can DOWNLOAD
  2. 20 (download) or 15 (online) multiple choice questions that cover fundamentals of hazard and risk knowledge;
  3. The downloadable option includes a grading guide, answer key, and explanations for each answer; 
  4. Online test will automatically provide you with score, answers, and explanations;
  5. Can be used for assessment and educational purposes;
  6. Determine employee training based on hazards and risks; and
  7. Track results over time to see aviation hazard and risk competency improvements. 

How to use this assessment:

  • Use this assessment to test your own knowledge, as well as for employees in your company. 
  • Distribute the assessment to employees, and then grading assessments to tabulate scores.
  • Use multiple times to track results over time. 
  • Use results to implement relevant hazard and risk training.

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