Aviation SMS Quality Quiz - Get Your SMS Graded

What grade would you give your aviation SMS program?

What is the quality of your aviation SMS program? Implementation status does not translate to operational SMS quality.

Evaluating the performance potential of your safety program is a major step towards developing a best in class SMS program. For this reason we have created this quiz that targets 20 of the most important elements of a sustainable, performing SMS program.

Warning: this quiz is not designed to pat you on the back with a high grade. It is an honest look at the quality of your SMS program. 

  • 20 weighted questions addressing most important areas of aviation SMS programs (i.e., some questions worth more than others)
  • Custom algorithm evaluates answers and determines grade
  • 12 possible grades (F through A+ ; no D-) for your SMS
  • Percentage score of your SMS
  • Description of your SMS grade level score

How you can take this quiz:

  • Evaluate each of 20 questions
  • Choose answers best fitting your SMS program
  • Take quiz multiple times
  • We run your answers through algorithm to determine score (F through A+)
  • Simply fill out form at right to take quiz


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