Name Your Price - SMS Hazard Reporting Solution

Want an Updated Reporting System?

Move away from paper and outdated reporting systems. This solution has:

  • Hazard reporting;
  • Pre-defined reporting forms;
  • Risk management tools (assess, classify);
  • Manage investigations
  • Track corrective actions;
  • Automated notifications;
  • Escalation of overdue items.

Limited Safety Budget?

Getting budget commitment from management can be very challenging.

Safety departments without adequate budgets are not able to use time-saving SMS database tools, but they're here as an option.

If an insufficient budget stops you from acquiring SMS tools, we might be able to help.

If you have at least $200/month to spend on SMS software tools, keep reading.

With our "Name your price" program, we can help you get excellent tools for your budget.

How to Name Your Price?

  1. Tell us the size of your company and basic company info
  2. Pick your “required” modules
  3. Tell us how many users need access to your system
  4. Provide your monthly SMS software budget range
  5. We work to get you started with an SMS Pro configuration suited to your budget


Aviation SMS Hazard Reporting Software for airlines, airports, maintenance organizations

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