Aviation Safety Culture Checklist

Aviation Safety Culture Checklist

What is this Safety Culture Checklist

Safety culture underpins a significant majority of your SMS, including safety performance and hazard reporting. Ultimately, safety culture is largely an assessment of:

  • Performance of Human Factors in your SMS; and
  • How much "energy" your SMS spends on people. 

This safety culture checklist provides you with solid means of tracking these points with:

  • 20 checklist items;
  • Organized by aspect of safety culture;
  • Spans 4 Pillars of SMS; and
  • Checklist items are most important markers of safety culture.

Why This Checklist is Useful

This checklist is very useful as you can:

  • Use on yearly basis to track safety culture every year;
  • Track individual pieces of safety culture over time; and
  • Understand the positive and negative aspects of your safety culture.

Download this checklist and better understand your aviation safety culture! It's free!


Safety Culture Checklist

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