Free Resources Asking Management for Increased Aviation Safety Budget

Asking Management for More Budget

Inadequate aviation safety budgets are recurring challenges for every aviation SMS program. Without adequate budget, safety managers are unable to deliver enough services to satisfy the ICAO SMS requirements.

Why Get These Free Tools?

Get coached in areas outside your area of expertise, namely, business management.

Short videos and well-written, concise articles help safety managers prepare for budget meetings.

Let's face it. There is a lot of poor content on the Web. We researched and found FIVE great resources to help safety managers prepare themselves to ask for increased safety budgets.

These helpful resources include:

  • Three short videos (including a great role-play scenario); and
  • Two short articles with great points.

The main value of these resources is:

  • Saves time finding useful content; and
  • Helps you to deal effectively with management types.

These resources may help you overcome your aviation safety budget challenge.

Free Resources Asking Management for Increased Aviation Safety Budget

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