[FREE] Issue Iife Cycle Analysis Tool: Analyze All Aspects of Reported Issues in Safety Management Systems

Issue Life Cycle Analysis Diagram to Fully Analyze Reported Issues

What this analysis offers:

Until now, there have been no risk management tools that offer an EASY way to analyze all aspects of a reported issue from root causes to final consequences. Tools like Bowtie have a steep learning curve, and are not useful for most reported issues.

Furthermore, NO tools allow you to understand what went wrong, AND what went right for a reported issueIn response, we have developed a new Issue Life Cycle Analysis Diagram tool where you EASILY:

  • Begin using it today, there is almost no learning curve
  • Document all aspects of a safety issue, from underlying causes to final damages;
  • CLEARLY identify the hazard and risk occurrence in the particular issue;
  • Separate the entire issue into logical, manageable parts; and
  • Identify all aspects of the safety issue that contributed to both positive and negative outcomes.

How to use this assessment:

This 11 page ebook offers:

  • A walk-through of the Issue Life Cycle Analysis  Diagram;
  • Important definitions for various risk management terms;
  • Blank Issue Life Cycle Analysis Diagrams to print out and use;
  • Examples of filled out diagrams; and
  • Explanation of the many benefits of using this analysis diagram.

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Issue life cycle analysis diagram

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