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Aviation HR Records Manager Easily Manages Required HR Records

What is the HR Records Manager?

HR Records Manager is an optimized record-keeping tool that can either run as a stand-alone application or integrate with your aviation SMS.

Primary benefits of this tool are:

  • Save money and resources managing complex record keeping tasks;
  • Automated reminders of upcoming record keeping deadlines;
  • Easily search record keeping progress;
  • Integrate with existing SMS;
  • Organize records into different processes;
  • Predefined, configurable templates(flight ops, dispatch, maintenance, ground services);
  • Easily monitor progress on record tasks; and
  • Flag activities with compliance fines.

Easily track:

  • PRIA (Pilot Records Improvement Act);
  • Background checks;
  • Drug testing
  • Employment applications

What's in this video demo?

This short overview video covers:

  • The main functionality of this optimized record-keeping tool;
  • How it overcomes traditional challenges; and
  • The design and use of this tool.

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Pilot Record Manager optimized file keeping tool in aviation SMS

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