Safety Management Style Quiz

What is your safety management style?

How do you manage your safety program? Is your style of safety management a best fit for the needs of your organization? 

These are questions every aviation safety manager needs answers to. You might be a great safety manager, but if your style doesn't fit the needs of your program, you probably won't see success.

For this reason, we have created this safety manager style quiz so that you can compare your safety management style against the needs of your organization.  This quiz provides you with:

  • 10 thought provoking questions that address  your safety identity and choices you would make in real world situations,
  • 5 potential safety manager styles with a detailed explanation of your highest scoring style(s)
  • A percentage score for each of your 5 styles

How you can take this quiz:

  • Answers are multiple choice (5 choices each question)
  • Simply choose your answer for each question 
  • Take the quiz multiple times
  • Write down your safety scores for each management style
  • Simply fill out the form to the right and you will be directed to the quiz

Safety Management Style Quiz

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