[FREE] SMS Shortfall Analysis: Find SMS Program Failures in Safety Incidents

SMS Shortfall Analysis to find SMS Program Failures

What this analysis offers:

Until now, there have been no risk management tools that offer an easy way to identify major SMS program failures in safety incidents.

Here's what SMS Shortfall Analysis offers:

  1. New unique risk management tool discovers SMS program failures in safety incidents;
  2. Designed to be fast, easy, and explicit;
  3. Identifies whether failures are due to safety culture or safety bureaucracy;
  4. Identifies failures due to risk controls, SMS bureaucracy, and human action; and
  5. Identifies SMS program areas needing revised/new corrective, preventative, and detective risk controls.

How to use this assessment:

This 16-page ebook covers:
  • What SMS Shortfall Analysis is;
  • Why SMS Shortfall Analysis is unique;
  • How to perform SMS Shortfall Analysis (walkthrough)
  • Examples of SMS Shortfall Analysis; and
  • Blank analysis templates.

SMS Shortfall Analysis Cover

SMS Shortfall Analysis Diagrams

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